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NXA 5050 WIFI Module 802.11 B/G/N 150Mb gdB Booster Antenne
NXA 3050 USB Internal Module + Cable
NXA 2050 AV Connection Cable 1m
NXA 2051 Cable YPbPr Adaptor 0.2m RCA Socket
NXA 2052 Cable IR Receiver/Blaster
NXA 2053 Cable RS232
NXA 2054 Cable IR Receiver/Blaster RS232
NXA 1050 Bracket NXDS Vesa Mount
NXA 1051 Bracket NXDS T-Stand

Up-to-the-minute NOXEL DIGITAL SIGNAGE gives so much more than traditional marketing ever could because it provides:
Flexibility - Instead of a single stationary image, multiple images and digital graphics are used to capture the awareness of consumers.
Agility - Modify content on the fly from any internet accessible location.
Total Dynamic Integration - Reduces the resources required to control and maintain the network.
Centralized Controls - A customized content management interface through which end-users can manage their content from one location.From anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world.
Minimal Staffing Costs - Reduce overall operating costs while increasing productivity
Cutting Edge Adaptability - Create and deliver targeted messages that inform, educate and motivate audiences.
Enhanced Consumer Enjoyment - Reduce perceived wai times and provide valuable information on products and services.

Web Based Digital Signage is an easy to expand platform that enable everyone to establish its digital signage.

What you need is a Noxel Xtream, a Screen (HDMI or Analog) and a computer connected to internet. everyone with a little knowledge of computer is able to manage the Noxel and publish the content within few hours.

You will be supplied with a web account where you can log-in to your account and take control of your Noxel devices around the world.

Bellow is the network configuration which you don't need to be worry about its complexity, even though the diagram looks very complex, but you will face is a simple web account and a Noxel Xtream device, we have built all back-end platform and kept it secure that you may use the whole infrastructure with small subscription fee. If you network growth well, then you may want to build same network for your own instead of paying the subscription and we would be happy to help you on that.

NXCM is a web based solution to manage all NOXEL        
Series signage
players (NXDS600) remotely through internet. This is the preferred platform as it enables remote content management and deployment virtually from anywhere with internet availability. This would enable Planners and Administrators not to be limited to only their workspace but to be versatile in managing and monitoring the operations.

NXCM, a very versatile and dynamic content management solution was developed as a result of our many years of experiences in this related field. Content, Layout and Calendar Time Scheduling are access from a centralized web based solution. This would enable multiple users to work cohesively on a common Signage project together.

  • Web Based Application
  • Real Time Updates
  • Real time Device Status
  • Centralized Device Management
  • Centralized Plan Storage
  • Centralized Media Library Storage
  • Remote Management for remote devices
  • Calendar based Time Scheduling
  • Seemless deployment of plans and contents to devices without interruption of playback
  • Individual or Grouping of devices for flexible and dynamic content deployment
  • Multiple User Role Management


Interactive Kiosk

Interactive Kiosk

Wide range of interactive kiosk for any application. Either wayfinding, directory map or any other application.

Video Extender over Ethernet

Video Extender Over Ethernet

Easy and High Quality Video Distribution over Gigabit Network. Etend your video distribution over any network size.

Professional Displays

Professional Displays

Professional Displays made for Digital Signage are available in 16x7 and 24x7 operation. This will ensure high quality of media delivery.

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