Digital signage is a form of electronic display that shows advertising, informative contents and other public interest messages.

Since 2008, it's being an attractive method of delivering Advertising content over Digital Signage around the world.

We at Toshi Electric Sdn Bhd offering the End to End solution to setup the network of Digital Signage. The Network could be consists of a PC and a Display unit up to a network of hundreds Display units.


Digital Signage Software Solution:

  • Stand Alone Advertising Station: Suitable for retail stores, corporate and public messaging systems
  • Standard Network Solution: The Network Solution will consists of an Administrator Server application which control all displays from centralized station.
  • Enterprise Network Solution: If the Network require multi-Admin and more than 200 Displays then we will offer Enterprise Network Solution which could support for most sophisticated Deployed Networks.

Hardware We can supply:

  • Digital Signage Display Systems
  • Digital Signage Player Computers
  • Digital Signage Server Computers
  • Video Splitter
  • Digital Signage Installation Kits

Content Solution:

If you are in lack of content for your Digital Signage network, we are able to provide you high quality content featuring fast-paced, magazine-style features ideal for the digital signage environment.

Content categories:
  • Entertainment
  • Environment
  • Health
  • History
  • Life Style
  • Scientific
  • Sport
  • Space